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As an Octopus energy customer and user am happy to recommend them as a provider for electric and gas at home & business.

get £50 to sign up using

Octopus have 4 special deals for Electric car customers

The first is Octopus Go offering 5p electric from 00:30 till 4:30 Peak electric cost depends on your region and them costs are listed the bottom of this page. Once you switched to Octopus using my link you can then go to to start your switch to go.

Octopus Go Faster is another cheap rate from octopus offering prices from 4.5p a kwh to 5.5p per kwh from 3 hours to 5 hours with varying start times to request this deal your need to email octopus and request entry into the trail the peak rates are same as go and listed below.

Finally We have octopus Agile these rates changed half hourly and follow wholesale prices per day I’ve seen as low is “-15p” meaning they pay you however it can hit a maximum peak of 35p go switch to this deal firstly sign up using then go to

Now we also have Octopus Intelligent this gives 6 hours and sometimes more of 5p electric with same peak rates and go this is the most interesting deals yet sign up to octopus first using my referral link then click

Go & Go Faster region rates in pence for PEAK times
A 15.96
B 15.33
C 15.897
D 16.674
E 15.645
F 14.994
G 15.03
H 15.5925
J 16.2645
K 15.9075
L 16.2645
M 15.183
N 16.0335
P 16.9155