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This page will contain a series of videos reviewing solar panels and battery systems but also the installation process from Heatable.

Heatable offer an INSTANT online price without the need to input your email address or numbers it’s the fastest way I currently know of getting a price. Best of all they are a nationwide installer with a high trustpilot score! Get a quote here
They now do BATTERY only Quote HERE

When using the following links it should apple £150 off solar and £75 off battery-only installs if this doesn’t show use
EVNICK150 for solar
EVNICK75 for battery storage

See the LIVE data from my system here

1 Month SOLAR Review BLOG

6-Month Solar Review Spreadsheet!

Heatable Solar Install Writen REVIEW so far;

Going to the website is very refreshing unlike other online firms claiming to offer instant quotes heatable does. No need to give email or telephone numbers simply enter your postcode and find your home on the google maps service then draw the roof and in less than 5 minutes you’ve designed your solar roof and got a price for panels. They have a minimum of 4 which is explained in the interview video I have done. A maximum of 14 is shown on the website however if you require more heatable will quote they said they assume most UK homes won’t need more than that and they don’t want you to over-spec a system for a huge outlay and be put off by price however if you know you need more simply submit at 14 and someone will call you to confirm details then ask for more and they will take you threw some questions to ensure more is right for you heatable is very keen not to oversell what you won’t use.

The quote system then lets you spec a battery a 5kwh or a 10 kWh module they can again sell a large battery capacity but most homes won’t need more than 10 kWh so again they want to ensure your system is right rather than try to oversell it.

If you’re happy with the price you can save it or enter your name and contact details to go ahead. The system will then ask for some photos of around your home if you did this on a desktop you can text a link to your phone. After I submitted my details on a Saturday a few hours later my phone rang with a nice chap on the other side who wanted to confirm all the details I submitted and let me know the next process was for their offline system design tool to confirm the panels measured would fit.

The offline system said my slope and roof were different and I could fit 10 not 12 panels on the roof and a new correct price was then sent. I then got a call to do a site survey, this was to check my electrics, and loft space to see the roof and to explain to me the route the cables would take and where electrics would be going to ensure this matched what I expected. They then took me threw downloading the apps on my phone and explaining how it all works.

Later that day they called to confirm my scaffold would go up in 2 days and then be taken down around 2 days after solar is complete. The solar installation is currently booked in for Thursday and they estimate it should be done in a day but told me they may need Friday just in case.

Why did I choose heatable?
I’ve had over 50kw of solar installed across the business I help manage and I’ve been part of another 50kw of solar for friends and family and one thing I’ve learnt is 99% of solar installers haven’t got a clue what they are doing.

I had several friends who had installers come around to measure up for quotes and never then sent a price. Some sent the price but then never replied after that.

PV SOLAR Installation REVIEW

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Heatable have now completed my installation I only have 2 minor issues that occurred on install day so here is my honest review of the installation process.

Was told engineers would turn up around 8am, and pretty on the dot the electricians turned up however they didn’t have any of the electrical components to start the job, weirdly the roofers that weren’t due to turn up till 9 am. To be totally honest as your see in the review this made zero difference to me as the customer as the job was still completed at 6 pm the same day.

The electricians and the roofers were all super professional and very polite. The roofers with the electricians went on to number the microinverters and place their special barcodes on a roof diagram with the corresponding numbers. This was explained to me and they said they can use this to find out if any panels or microinverters weren’t working correctly and which panel it would be.

The roofers at this time were also removing my roofing slates, sadly for them my builder decided to nail almost every slate which made their job a little harder it meant the damage of 2 slates in the process I was given 2 options by the roofing team which was can they borrow 2 off my garage roof while one of the roofers drives to the roofing merchant to get an exact match for my broken slates. They said normally they’d have matching materials with them and they’d hide these new slates that weren’t weathered in under the solar panels they also said they could wait till the new slates turned up a few hours later and put the new ones under the solar panels, as I was already slowing everyone down by filming I agreed to let them pinch ones on my garage which were later replaced with 2 brand new ones.

The rails were finished by lunch, and after a quick bite they started to lay the panels this took them no time at all and the bird proofing was attached at the same time compared to some bird proofing I’ve seen this is the neatest and fastest system I’ve seen by 2 pm the roofers had finished and were heading home!

The electricians at this time had mounted my battery to the Alpha ESS and were clipping the AC solar cable in my loft and sorting out an outside IP-rated electrical enclosure as I requested everything ideally stays on my gable end.

At 5 pm they were done and Ben from Heatable wanted to personally commission my battery and micro inverters and show me the app this was due to filming took about an hour but normally would have been done in likely 10 minutes while also showing you the system and how it worked. Paperwork and MCS certs took 24 hours to arrive and one thing I forgot to mention. The roofers cleaned my gutters! brushed up and to my surprise the electricians cleaned up and used brushes to ensure everything was more tidy than when they started!

July 2024 Update

Heatable system has been in a year and a huge amount of you brought solar via my link above, I’ve had feedback from a lot of you expressing how good the service and aftercare have been.

Based on this and my experience of heatable I’ve agreed to a year’s contract with them to cover more about them, not only solar but battery-only systems. Part of this new agreement I still have my right to discuss them as I wish which is important to me for a level of trust with you the audience.

I’ve also made Heatable agree to a discount on everyone’s system that uses my links above! Further to this, we are working on expanding my home solar project however I want to keep what we are doing TOP secret till the video is out but my LIVE view might give some clues!