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Here is a list of suggest products and deals I’ve set up,  some are just standard price cables other are deals or companies i know have great customer service that help with getting me into events.

Did I mention a product on a video? Check out all products on Amazon i recommended

List of recommended Companies Includes charge installers

PSSST get £50 off your gas/electricity bill with octopus using this link ONLY-

The scooter I’m using!

List of products for your electric car

Granny Cable Works with ZOE 5 Meter – 10 Meter or 7.5 Meter if you already have a granny cable and want to extend use this 13amp water proof reel 20 meter
Am trailing this cheaper option So far working for all Zoe owners let me know if you buy it and it fails.

12v Battery for Renault Zoe This battery is same spec as the Renault battery but only cost £50 to replace the front 12v battery you need to let the car go to sleep first VIDEO coming soon.

Charge Your EV ANYWHERE off anything with NRGKick

Type2-Type2  3 Phase 5 meter cable – 2 meter cable

CanZE dongle for androids

CanZE dongle 2 if other sold out

Another Dongle for Android as others KEEP selling out

CanZE dongle for IPHONE

CR2032 Battery for key

General Products I use and recommend

Robot Vac I reviewed –

Beer52 is a company that sends some really good high quality a beer and if you use my referral you get your first pack of 6 beers for £11

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