Get Paid To Charge: Agile v Time Of Use

Check this’s a great side by side comparison of an Agile v Time-of-use tariff and how Ohme does the hard work in interrogating the pricing to adjust the charge profile to achieve your defined charging goal. The Time-Of-Use tariff (black line) shows itself as uniform square wave in the first graph, that is a set period of higher cost and lower cost per day. However look at the agile (blue line), particularly 22-24th where plunge pricing occurs hitting -10p at certain point. Some very happy EV drivers using Ohme with an agile tariffs at these moments! This second graph takes a specific day and how his Ohme chargers executes Nicks defined charging schedule, taking advantage of the agile tariff to deliver

Porsche Taycan why its not a Tesla

As many of my subscribers will know I've recently just come back from the Frankfurt Motor Show. One of the cars first to grace my eyes as I walked in Hall 1 was the new FULL EV from Porsche the Taycan. Now Before i go into my full thoughts on this car let me give you some background on the trip. Octopus Electric Vehicles (REFERRAL CODES) invited me as there guest and of course we drove there to not waste any CO2 on a plane. My co pilot of this road trip was Charlie Fraser who works for octopus and is a TOTAL Petrol Head and MASSIVE Porsche and Tesla Fan Boy. This was of course the week Tesla