Solar August 2023

If you haven't already seen the video this data is linked to then check that out first here Here is raw data from alpha battery note that SOLAR and LOAD will be off due to a CT metering issue that's not been found and corrected by heatable Here is the generation data from Enphase And if you're interested Here is my usage and export from Octopus. Remember to get a quote from heatable please click my referral link here

Electric Or Gas Deal End READ THIS! Electric or Gas Contracted ENDED? STOP AND READ THIS BEFORE DOING ANYTHING! The UK wholesale prices of gas and electric are SUPER HIGH if your contract has ended on your GAS deal and the company your with sent you an email with new contracts DO NOTHING Don't sign a new contract or switch suppliers! This is because you will default to the variable deal with them which traditionally would have been more expensive HOWEVER as the government Ofgem put a price CAP in they can't increase the price over that till April 2022 However with a fixed contract they can charge what they like so just DO NOTHING. What you will spend over the winter will be higher on gas

12 Christmas Gift Idea’s for Electric Car Fans Stuck what to buy your Electric car friend, husband or Wife for Christmas, worry no more here's the top 12 gifts to get someone who likes Electric cars for Christmas. 1) Draper 17574 230V 16A to 13A Moulded Adaptor, Multicoloured 2) Cable Bag ohme cable, granny cable for them also this is what i have and use and combined with octopus can mean SUPER cheap electric more with ohme DUE SOON other ev cables on 3) EV Merc RZOC T-Shirts Hoodies Stickers, FullyCharged, My merch, Local EV Clubs , Spark And Volt 4) Tesla Style Supercharger Mobile/Cell Phone Charger/GIFT/Boyfriend/Girlfriend Anker Cable 5) OBD dongle for your car, Leafspy

Porsche Taycan why its not a Tesla

As many of my subscribers will know I've recently just come back from the Frankfurt Motor Show. One of the cars first to grace my eyes as I walked in Hall 1 was the new FULL EV from Porsche the Taycan. Now Before i go into my full thoughts on this car let me give you some background on the trip. Octopus Electric Vehicles (REFERRAL CODES) invited me as there guest and of course we drove there to not waste any CO2 on a plane. My co pilot of this road trip was Charlie Fraser who works for octopus and is a TOTAL Petrol Head and MASSIVE Porsche and Tesla Fan Boy. This was of course the week Tesla

Top 10 apps for Electric car drivers

1) Plugshare 230,000 locations charge map ? ? ? 2) ecotricity card / plus app  pssst ?? £50 credit ? ? ? 3) CYC - Charge your car ? ? ? 4) Polar instant / polarcard (paid) ?  or (card) ? ? 5) podpoint, lidil/chesterzoo free! ? ? ? 6) new motion (can use shell and CPS engenie ? Order a free card or for smoov app ? ? 7) Wattsup ? ? ? 8) What3words ? ? ? 9) Your dedicated car app be that the Renault ZE or Tesla App The list of websites here could be endless so search your car in your app store and download the app. 10) GRIDWATCH Grid carbon ? ? ?

Sustainable Products (LESS PLASTIC)

Here is a reference guide to help you cut out plastic waste and items that are bad for our little fish friends SPECIAL thanks to Beth Lilly for writing all this Follow her on twitter and instagram Sustainable Products This is definitely not perfect, and certainly not 100% plastic free, but the best trade off of overall sustainability that actually works so far… Household Cleaning Products Laundry: I ditched laundry detergent (it’s so bad for the fishies) and now buy a big bottle of Dr Bronners All In One Liquid Castille Soap- I like the peppermint one. I use a small amount to clean my clothes (you can add baking powder in to get rid of any really tough stains or a small amount

EV Bingo Sheet

Want a fun game to play on a long journey well here's an EV bingo sheet let me know what your best score was in the comments. This is the EV bingo game we played on the Tesla Roadster video on our trip to EV's in the park, video below bingo sheet

Should you charge to a 100%

This video comes from Euan Mctuck  sorry Dr Euan Mctuck.   Here's a fantastic bloke and made a great video to a question i get asked a lot and he's much more qualified to answer it than me so here you are;